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Wayne County Rural League follows the IHSAA rules for softball with the following modifications/additions. Any other rules are not valid or enforceable.


*No swearing or obscene gestures at practice or games.

*Smoking or chewing tobacco products on the field or in or around the dugouts is prohibited.

Penalty: 1st offense is automatic ejection from the present game and the following game.

2nd offense the coach is banned from participation in any league function, I.E. coaching, scorekeeper, etc.




*Any Verbal abuse of umpires, players/coaches or spectators, such as profanity, name-calling, belittlement or excessive harassment is considered unsportsmanlike behavior and will be reason for ejection/removal from premises.

*If the individual(s) refuse to leave, their team will forfeit game.(Balls and strikes calls and judgment calls are not debatable.)

*Anyone causing a disturbance by arguing with Umpires or Coaches will be

asked to leave the property of the ball diamond. If they refuse to leave, their team will forfeit game. If offending Spectator is a parent, then both Parent and Child will be banned from all properties associated with the Wayne County Rural Youth League for one year.

*The umpire controls the game. Any disputed calls by a coach will result in the first warning and bench restriction.   A second warning will result in an automatic ejection.  First offense:  a verbal/written warning will be given to that coach in question with their league commissioner. Second offense: A punishment decided by the league commissioners.

*Games cannot be started without umpire(s) on the field.


A.   Team/Coach/Commissioner Responsibility

B.     Player Eligibility

C.     Game-Innings/Time Limit

D.    Adult Pitchers

E.     Field Setup

F.      Defensive Coaches/Players/Team

G.     Offensive Coaches/Players/Team

H.     Postponed/Rescheduled Games

I.          Weather-Lighting/Thunderstorm





A.   Team/Coach/Commissioner Responsibility:

1.   Any team 15 minutes late will forfeit.

2.   If no one calls visiting team or is not at the ballpark to tell the visitors the game is cancelled, home team will forfeit.

3.   All rain games must be rescheduled (not necessarily played) within 7 days & must be played prior to the tourney. All scheduled games must be played. Failure of the home team coach to contact the opposing coach within 7 days is an automatic forfeit. Contact the league commissioner if unable to contact the opposing coach within 7 days. All other reschedules must be approved.

4.   In case of bleeding due to an injury, the player must be taken out and cleaned up and have any open wounds covered up.If blood is on clothing, it must be

changed. If no longer bleeding the player may re-enter at the umpire’s discretion. The game can be held up for the player to get ready.

5.   Absolutely no jewelry or metal barrettes are to be worn. This includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets(ankle&wrist),rings, watches, pins, or bobby pins. No cell phones will be allowed in dug out except for coaching staff.

6.   All ties for 1st, 2nd place in the league will be determined by the following tiebreakers:

a. Head to Head b.Runs Allowed c.Runs Scored


7.   The home team scorebook is the official scorebook,

8.  Coaches cannot touch base runners.

B.   Player Eligibility

1.   Any child not turning 10 prior to January 1st of the current season is eligible to play.

2.   Players who are registered with league commissioner by first regular season game Every player listed on the roster must play at least 50% of the regular season games to be eligible for the season ending tourney. Every team is required to keep a scorebook for every game for proof of the above if necessary.

3.   During league or tourney play, if a team will be short players for a game, a lower age division player may move up a division. The lower division player’s first commitment is to the roster she is on. If her team has a game at the same time

as the upper division, she must play with her own lower division team. As long as no conflicts occur, enough girls can move up a division to make a maximum of 10 players for the game. The players moving up must be registered on a league team and on a roster in the community they are playing for. After the game, the players can return to their original team to play ball. The opposing coach must be notified at the start of the game, when players are moving up for a game. If at any time, a girl makes a permanent move to an upper division, with no intention of playing in her original division, the league commissioner must be notified, and a girl cannot return to her age division. If a team starts with less than 10 players

and a player comes late, she can play and make a full team. If players show up late to make more than 10 players, and all the playing

requirements must be met.


C.   Game-Innings/Time Limit:

1.      Fast pitch will play 6 innings. All games will have a 15-minute grace period to start before a forfeit can be called. If the game ends in a tie, it will be the umpire’s discretion whether to continue or call because of darkness. If the game is called because of darkness, it will be rescheduled at the earliest convenient time for completion. Umpires are to give a 15-minute warning to both teams before time limit is to expire. All innings in process (even if started with 2 minutes left) shall be completed but cannot start another inning after time limit is met.


2.   In 9U fast pitch there will be 6 runs per inning limit. 9U fast pitch will have a

90 min. game time limit during regular season and tournament with the exception of no time limit in the championship game.


D.  Adult Pitchers:

1.    Are required to pick up the bat after contact has been made with the ball and move to foul territory

2.     Cannot, at any time, coach base runners.

3.     Pitcher position must start with one foot inside the 16’ circle while the ball is pitched


E.   Field Setup:

All diamonds will have:

1.   A 15-ft arc from home plate arcing from 1st base foul line to 3rd base foul line

2.   A 16-foot circle will be centered around the 35’ pitching rubber

3.   60’ baseline

4.   A running lane chalked along first base line. Distance: 30 feet from first to home and 3 feet wide.

F.      Defensive Coaches/Players/Team

1.   Defenders must have possession of the ball in order to block the runner’s access to the base. Blocking without possession will result in the affected runner being awarded the next base.

2.   It is mandatory that catchers wear full gear in fast pitch. Batting helmets are mandatory when the player is at bat or on the base paths or the on deck circle. It is also required that chinstraps are attached to the batting helmets and worn securely under the chin. Face masks on the batting helmets are required. Face protection is required for the pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, shortstop and third baseman. Heart Protector is required for the pitcher.

3.  All teams must have a catcher.

4.   Any base runner that comes into contact with a batted ball is out, however if the batted ball either touches a defensive player(other than the pitcher) or the defensive player makes a reasonable attempt at the ball then the runner is not

out and can advance at their own risk. If a batter comes into contact with the ball she has just hit and is out of the batter’s box and is in fair territory, she too will be

called out. Sliding rule at Home plate no longer required

5.   Infielders are to play even or behind bases at the start of pitch, except the 1st baseman can play no more than 5 normal steps in front when runner is on 1st.

6.   Defense must stop lead runner for play to be dead. Once the lead runner has been stopped and time called, following runners more than half way to next base get the base, less than half way return to base. Just running into the infield and holding up the ball does not necessarily end the play. The lead runner must stop his/her forward motion for time to be called.

7.   Will play 10-man team and must have 4 outfielders (not 3 outfielders and a rover). If team has only 9 players they will not be charged for the out. (Example—one team has 9 players, they can play normal infield positions and 3 outfielders or 4 outfielders, short 1 infield position).

8.   When on defense, all defensive coaches must be off the playing field and/or in the dugout or behind the fence. Only the base coaches are allowed on the field.

9.   All players in the pitcher position must use face mask and chest protector before the game can be started and pitcher position must stand in back half of pitchers circle.

10.     The player at the pitcher position must have at both feet in the pitching circle when the ball is pitched


G.   Offensive Players/Team:

1.   All teams will bat their lineup

2.   All players present for the game must bat once and field 6 outs unless time limit or run rule applies. This does not include a player brought up to fill a spot in case of injury

3.   In case of rain, less than 4 complete innings-game starts over.4 complete innings will be considered a complete game provided the home team has gotten their

final bottom half of the 4th or 5th inning. Unless they were already leading.

4.   Players will remain in the dugout during the game for safety

5.   No infield fly rule.

6.   Any batted ball landing inside the 15-ft arc in front of plate-foul ball.

7.   Any batted ball touched(by offensive player) in fair territory by fielder then lands inside 15-ft arc-fair ball.

8.   Any batted ball that hits ground beyond 15-ft arc and then rolls back inside 15-ft arc, (without being touched by an offensive player)-foul ball.

9.   Any batted ball that stops on lined 15-ft arc-fair ball.

10.   Batter is hit with ball:

Pitch is called no pitch, dead ball. Pitcher hit with ball on any pitch:

pitch is dead ball, and batter gets another pitch.

11.   The 9U fast pitch league will use an 11-inch ball. The balls will say Max 375 lbs. & Core .47 on the ball. Each home team will furnish two softballs for its games. One will be new and the other a used one, but in good condition. This includes tourney games.

12.   A player showing up but before the third inning and is on the lineup card, she can play as a sub. Coaches can only bring up enough players to have 10 in fast pitch. Any girls brought up will remain in the game even if a late player enters the game.

13.   All teams playing with less than 10 players will not be penalized when the missing players would have come up to bat and no out will be given.

14.   There will be 10 players on the field, with a minimum of 7 players to start the game. EACH TEAM MUST BAT ALL ROSTERED PLAYERS PRESENT. THERE ARE NO OFFENSIVE SUBSTITUTIONS. HOWEVER, A COURTESY RUNNER MAY BE USED FOR PITCHERS, CATCHERS, OR ANY PLAYER DEEMED AS INJURED AND THE OPPOSING COACH WAS NOTIFIED PRIOR TO THE GAME. The injured player, pitcher, or catcher must have made it onto base safely

and the play has stopped, at that point a runner may be substituted. NOTE: Last out can be courtesy runner for pitcher and/or catcher.


Any Batter:

1.   No walks but can strike out-6 pitches per batter

2.     No Bunting, slapping or any variations of the “short game” are permitted.

3.   6th pitch-foul ball, batter gets another pitch until batter hits or makes an out

4.  Any player throwing bat will be warned on 1st offense, and the play stands. 2nd offense batter is out—and all runners return to original base. The warning is an individual warning against each batter. If the umpire determines that the throw was an intentional act in anger, the player may be ejected by the umpire without warning.


H.     Postponed/Rescheduled Games

There are only 2 reasons where a game may be postponed and rescheduled. The first is due to weather. If a team feels they have another legitimate reason to postpone a game, they must request that their town commissioner notify the other board members to get permission. Just being short 1-2 players is not a legitimate reason. That is why we have the move up rule.



1.   We will use the part in the rulebook about an ejected player or an injured player being an out. It will count as an out when that player comes to bat in the batting order. Once a player has been removed for injury only, they can re-enter the game.

2.   Games not made up before tournament play will be a loss for both teams.

3 No regular league games will be rescheduled during the week before the tournament. All regular games have to be played before the tourney.

4.   No commissioner can umpire during any league tourney.


5.   In case of a tie game, each team will start next inning with runner on 2nd with 1 out.


6.     In the event of an overthrow base runner may only advance 1 base (per batted ball). This advancement is at their own risk. If another over throw occurs...the runner is not awarded another base.

7.   A player in possession of the ball must attempt to make a play (if one is available. The play is dead when the ball is given to the pitcher and is within the circle or the lead runner is stopped and the umpire calls time.

8.   Players must attempt to make a play(if possible/available)prior to possession of the ball being passed onto the player/pitcher.




Postponed/Rescheduled Games


I.     The following ISHAA rule will apply to ALL boys and girls teams for LIGHTNING OR THUNDER DISTURBANCES:



1.           Suspension of play criteria: when thunder is heard or lightning in any form (cloud‐to‐ ground, cloud‐to‐cloud, etc.) is seen, which means that the thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lightning, play will be suspended immediately.


2.       Return to play criteria (thirty‐minute rule): once play in a contest or practice has been suspended, resumption of play, if warranted, should not occur until at least thirty (30) minutes has passed since the last thunder was heard or the last flash of lightning was witnessed. Note that any thunder heard or lightning seen after the beginning of the 30‐ minute count resets the clock and another thirty

(30) minute count begins.