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Bump it! Set it! Spike it!

Volleyball is open to all Youth in Grades 3 thru 8.
Games will be play at Centerville Youth League and REO (Richmond Evening Optimist)

2023 REO & CYL Dirt Ball Volleyball League Rules

A. It is the strong conviction of the REO & CYL leagues that all scheduled matches be started on
time and completed. Any unforeseen circumstances that may conflict with the schedule shall be
resolved through the volleyball committee before the time of the scheduled match. 
a. Forfeit time for the 1 st game of the match will be 5 minutes after the scheduled match
starting time or 5 minutes after the referee calls the team to the court if the matches
are running late.
b. The 2 nd game and the match will be forfeited after an additional 5 minutes.
c. A minimum of 4 players is required to play.
B. All players will enter play during matches by entering into the middle back position on the court
(6 th position).

C. Players are to remain behind the designated line at the back of court. No coaches or players are
to be on the courts unless their team is playing. Coaches are to remain behind the extended 10-
foot line on the court.
D. Referees will call the teams onto the court for matches. Each team will have 5 minutes of ball
handling, 2 minutes of hitting, and 2 minutes shared serving time on their side of the court. 
E. Players and coaches are to always display good sportsmanship. Players or coaches who fail to
conform to the proper manners required will be given a warning by the referee. A second
offense by the same person will result in the referee expelling the offender from the court. Use
of vulgar language or fighting by the players, coaches, or spectators at any time while on REO or
CYL property will result in automatic expulsion from the league. (Refer to rules of conduct)
a. Judgment calls by the referee cannot be questioned. Only the coach or team captain can
question rule interpretations.
b. Coaches are responsible for turning in a line-up before the start of the match. Late
players can be added to the line-up when they arrive and can enter the game in
progress but must rotate onto the court from the sideline.
c. Players/coaches must wear their team shirt during matches. The shirts are
advertisements for their sponsors and may not altered in any way. 1) bare midriffs are
not allowed 2) the uniform top must hang below or be tucked into waistband of the
uniform bottom when standing upright. Shorts may be any color. 

F. Referees required at all REO & CYL Games

G. Once the game starts, there are NO substitutions or replacement of players. Players must
complete rotation (refer to Position Chart on page 1).
H. Substitutions, for injury or no-show, are at the sole discretion of the Commissioner, Board
Member, or Referee on duty.
I. Serving team rotates prior to serving (except for first serve of the set). Rotations will occur in a
clockwise direction with the server rotating out and a new player rotating into the middle/back
row position.
J. All Leagues will be the best 2 out of 3 games
a. First 2 matches, rally scoring to 25 points. First to 25 wins.
b. If a 3 rd match is needed, it is rally scoring to 15 points. Team must win by 2 points in 3 rd
c. No point cap on any game.

K. A match shall entitle each team to two 30 second time outs per set; no time outs with carry
L. A match shall have two minutes in between sets.
M. First Serve will be determined by a coin toss or Rock Paper Scissors at the beginning of the
match and before the start of game 3; One captain from each team will go to the ref.
N. After the first and second game, teams will change sides. If there is a third game then you will
stay on that side (no switching).
O. 6-8th grade: Must serve behind the end line.
P. 3-5th grade:
a. 1st Serve Attempt must be behind the end line.
b. 2 nd Serve Attempt, may scoot up to 6’ (not required to move up)
i. If 2nd attempt is made, player may continue to serve from the same spot, not
advancing forward.
ii. If 2nd serve is missed, it is a side out.
c. Serving cap at 6 serves.
Q. “Let serves” will be allowed.
a. The serve may hit the net on the way over, as long as it falls into the opponents playing
b. If the ball is over, but outside of the court lines, serve is a side out.
R. No blocking or spiking a serve.
Other Rules
S. A distinct hit must be made. No holding, throwing or catching the ball is allowed.
T. The ball may be hit three times by one team in a volley. Any one player cannot hit the ball twice
in succession.
U. Touching an opponent under the net is not allowed.
V. Players may never touch the net while the ball is in play.
**Please see Commissioners with questions, issues or concerns.